This is tPhone.

Imagine a phone with everything you’ve ever wanted. A phone that has enough power to get through the day without charging once but fully charged in no time. A phone with a screen with colors you’ve never seen before. A phone with a camera that is right there when you need it with a resolution that nobody could ever imagine. A phone that makes bluetooth speakers obsolete. A revolution at your fingertips.

Well, there you have it.


Charge your tPhone insanely fast within only 10 minutes with the new magnetic charging mechanism wich holds your tPhone tight but can get released with a gentle tilt.

Listen up!

Welcome to the future! The new speakers on the tPhone sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Because of the extra large speaker holes in the bottom we where able to put in big speakers. And you can hear that.

Oh snap!


Your photos will look better than ever. You will see details you couldn’t see before. Take incredible photos with the new 8k camera. And take them with you.

Big screen. Big possibilities.

The 6 inch tRina™ display. You’ll never miss a single thing again.

Powerful on the inside. Beautiful on the outside.

Get the tPhone in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver or Matte Black.